Display data clearly and comprehensibly.

Shopstato helps manage e-shops based on clear charts and analyses.

Reasons for purchasing SHOPSTATO

Organized statistics

You will save up to 2 hours per week preparing documents for the meeting.

Important analysis

Profit analysis shows profits from orders in real time

Targeted marketing

RFM analysis saves up to 40% of unnecessary advertising costs.

Showing weaknesses

ABC analysis will show the 10 % most profitable and most unprofitable products.

Support and development

Do you need help with the initial setup? For new customers we have one hour for free to help with system setup from our technician.

Data export

Getting and sending data to marketing takes no more than 2 minutes.

number of active eshop

total orders

orders this month


our supported solutions


Woocommerce (global)




Shoptet (middle Europe)


Expand your statistics with additional analyses

CLV - Customer Lifetime Value

The module calculates the lifetime value of the customer. It is not just a simple sum of the order values, the time factor and the number of repeat purchases are also included in the calculation.

ABC analysis of products

Based on the Pareto rule, they divide the inventory in the warehouse into three groups - A, B, C. This determines 10% of the goods that make up 75% of the turnover, 20% of the goods that make up 15% of the turnover and 75% that make up 15% of the turnover.


The most important module of the SHOPSTATO service. For individual products and orders, it shows the difference between the sale and purchase price without VAT and without shipping. It only works after importing purchase prices!

The most common combination

Get to know the most frequently purchased combinations of products in orders and thus increase your sales by preparing "promotional packages" of these products.

Heureka competition

Through access to Heureka's API, we compare the prices of your products with those of your competitors. The output is a product overview, price comparison and links directly to the product on the competitor's e-shop. It is solved at the master product level. The price of the module is based on the number of products checked.

RFM analysis

Based on the frequency, value and number of orders, it divides customers into well-defined groups. These groups can then be used effectively in marketing activities.


Choose the tariff that suits you


EUR0 / m
USD0 / m
GPD0 / m
  • Intended for trial
  • Only for 5 days
  • Maximum 800 orders
  • Analytical modules


EUR35 / m
USD39 / m
GPB30 / m
  • All modules
  • Storing history for 2 years
  • Updates every 6 hours
  • Maximum 2000 orders


EUR115 / m
USD125 / m
GPB99 / m
  • All modules included
  • Reverse import of orders - 365 days
  • Storing history for 3 years
  • Updates every 2 hours
  • Maximum 5000 orders


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have a Starter plan for that. It is free, but after 5 days or if the number of orders reaches 800, further orders will stop being processed. It's just for demonstration purposes.

For the listed platforms, we operate as a supplement, so the connection is a matter of the e-shop administration. We are able to connect a customized e-shop via our API, or develop a connection to the customer's API.

Credits serve as currency. Purchased credits are credited to the customer's account and deducted according to the tariff, or according to the ordered modules.

Yes, we have a Reverse Import function for this, but it is charged separately. With this import we upload all orders 365 days back. The import can be used repeatedly, so you can even get two-year-old orders into the system.

If you use one of the e-shop platforms, you must log in from the e-shop administration. Only customers with customized e-shops can log in via the registration form.

For the initial setup of the e-shop, it is necessary to tell the system at least approximately what your margin is, the target turnover and further divide the status of orders into processed and unprocessed. The last step is payments, which are divided into cash and non-cash. Then the statistics will work.


Who is behind the project?

About us

A team of e-commerce people who brought the idea of statistics to completion. The result is SHOPSTATO.

At the beginning of the project, there was experience from the development and operation of large e-shops as well as mathematical pragmatism, which clearly shows dozens of e-shops their actual functioning.

Petr Zaruba

Calculations, programming

Programmer by experience, pragmatist by personality. He got into e-commerce through programming internal corporate systems. He likes a good steak, likes to taste the beers of small breweries and studies financial market news with interest.

Martin Lycka

Administration, calculations

A technician at heart with a sense of discipline. He has been actively involved in e-commerce since 2017, when he was put in charge of the operation and development of the e-shop Motozem.cz. He devotes his free time to cars and motorcycles, and is fascinated by combat sports.


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